Interactive timeline of Take Back the Tech!

Línea de tiempo interactiva de ¡Dominemos la tecnología!

Las mujeres alrededor del mundo han dominado juntas la tecnología desde 2006. Como parte de nuestras celebraciones por los 10 años de ¡Dominemos la tecnología!, les invitamos a ayudarnos a tramar nuestra historia colectiva. Envía tu momento memorable en cualquier idioma a

  • Take back the Tech is born!

    Jac sm Kee writes "Cultivating violence through technology? Exploring the Connections between Information Communication Technologies (ICT) and Violence Against Women (VAW)," which leads to the creation of a network that uses ICT to counter VAW. This network is called Take Back the Tech!

    Cultivating violence through technology? (pdf)
  • 2006 campaign

    Take Back the Tech! launches its first campaign in as part of 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence.

  • 2007 campaign

    Take Back the Tech! campaigns by encouraging people to take such actions as occupying public spaces online and off, making digital postcards expressing the impact of violence against women and brainstorming ICT tools that could prevent violence.

  • May 2008

    Take Back the Tech! receives a Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention for Digital Communities.

    Prix Ars Electronica archive
  • Donestech begins Lelacoders

    Lelacoders is a study about the contribution of women and queer people to hacker cultures. Donestech developes research and an audiovisual database composed by interviews with women and gender fluid people about their involvement with free software and hacker cultures.

    Lelacoders on Vimeo
  • 2008 campaign

    Take Back the Tech! campaigns by encouraging people to take such actions as writing blog posts about their understanding of harm in online spaces, reviewing games and leaving feminist messages in phone booths.

  • Prajnya joins 16 Days Campaign

    Prajnya is a non-profit organization based in Chennai, India that works towards peace, justice and security. A large part of our work has focused on raising awareness about gender-based violence through research and public information initiatives. Since 2008, Prajnya has organized its flagship 16... more
  • May 2009

    Women'sNet and Girls'Net launch "Keep your chats exactly that!," a campaign in South Africa to empower young people in the use of mobile phones and the internet.

    Keep your chats exactly that!
  • 2009 – Taller en Buenos Aires: Intercambio Tecnológico Feministas en Librería de las Mujeres

    Dafne Sabanes Plou junto Carola Caride en la Librería de las Mujeres realizan el Taller Feminista de Intercambio Tecnológico que plantaria las primeras semillas para la conformación del twitter @DominemoslasTIC, entre otros productos e incidencias.

    Taller Feminista de Intercambio Tecnológico.
  • 25th Nov - 10th Dec 2009

    Take Back the Tech! campaigns by encouraging people to take such actions as joining the Great Online Pornography Debate, making avatars that challenge stereotypes and learning how to protect privacy on social networking sites.

  • 25th Nov - 10th Dec 2010

    Take Back the Tech! kicks off the 16 Days Campaign with an animated video describing the problem of violence against women and asking people to take control of technology to end VAW.

    Watch the video
  • February 2011

    Take Back the Tech! asks people to take the "I don't forward violence" pledge in order to stop the repeated victimisation of people whose private images have been shared without consent or whose sexual assault has been filmed and shared.
  • March 2011

    Stop Motion Project in Malaysia receives Take Back the Tech! seed grants to create a three-part stop-motion animation series raising awareness about violence against women.
  • 25th Nov - 10th Dec 2011

    Take Back the Tech! launches crowd map of technology-related violence and campaigns on "Map it. End it. Demand Change.," asking women to map their stories. The site includes a global map as well as country maps launched with local partners.

    Map it!
  • Dec 2011

    Presentamos la campaña Dominemos la Tecnología en el Festival de Cultura Digital en Rio de Janeiro con una recepción muy positiva. Lo hicimos a través de un monólogo teatral realizado por Florencia Goldsman.

    Diciembre 2011: Festival CulturaDigital.Br
  • Graffitti: cuidate, usa HTTPS

    Salimos a graffitear en Brasil: Cuidate, usa HTTPS

  • January 2012

    As part of the APC Women's Rights Programme, Take Back the Tech! begins the End VAW project with local partners in seven countries with FLOW funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Partners include One World Platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colnodo in Colombia, Si Jeunesse Savait in... more

    End VAW project
  • 25th Nov - 10th Dec 2012

    Take Back the Tech! campaigns on "16 days x 16 stories," sharing the stories of women who refuse to take gender-based violence as the norm. Stories range from testimonies for peace and justice on gender-based violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and "Words of women from the Egyptian... more

  • Videos para Dominemos la Tecnologia

    En la campaña @DominemoslasTIC realizamos una serie de videos para hablar de violencia y #TIC a partir de casos corrientes.

  • 25th Nov - 10th Dec 2013

    Take Back the Tech! campaigns on "Private | Public," exploring the blurred lines that technology has enabled and the effect on women's safety, autonomy and privacy. Highlights include an outdoor mural in Colombia from Colnodo, an online debate on privacy rights led by Si Jeunesse Savait in the... more

  • Conferencia Secretos y Candados en Nicaragua

    Estuvimos en Nicaragua dando un taller que finalizamos con una presentacion y conferencia en la Universidad Nacional en Managua. Participaron Erika Smith, Hedme Sierra Castro y Florencia Goldsman presentó el monólogo.
    ... more

    Conferencia en Nicaragua
  • April 2014

    Take Back the Tech! calls on people to #imagineafeministinternet, as fifty women from around the world meet in Malaysia to develop the Feminist Principles of the Internet.

    Feminist Principles of the Internet
  • May 2014

    Take Back the Tech! joins the "Facebook Rape Campaign" led by Women, Action & the Media (WAM!), which encourages individuals to target companies whose ads appear on Facebook pages devoted to violence against women. A coalition of 100 women's movement and social justice organisations sends 60,... more

  • May 2014

    Take Back the Tech! receives a Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention for Digital Communities.

    Prix Ars Electronica archive
  • July 2014

    Take Back the Tech! launches "What are you doing about violence against women?," a campaign targeting the private sector and highlighting End VAW research. The campaign and TBTT report card grading social media platforms on their approach to women's rights gets media attention from at least 120... more

    Report card (pdf)
  • October 2014

    Take Back the Tech! wins the inaugural GEM-TECH award from UN Women and the International Telecommunications Union for Efforts to Reduce Threats Online and Building Women's Confidence and Security in the Use of ICTs.

    GEM Awards
  • 25th Nov - 10th Dec 2014

    Take Back the Tech! campaigns on "Violence silences: Document. Challenge. Reclaim our right to expression," framing technology-related violence as an issue of freedom of expression. During the campaign, the new TBTT website goes live with brand-new resources such as the digital safety roadmaps.

    Know more
  • 2014 - Taller en EFLAC - Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe- Perú

    Dafne Plou y Florencia Goldsman presentaron una conferencia - Taller en el encuentro feminista. Participaron casi 60 personas del mismo.
    ... more

    Presentacion en Eflac 2014
  • Gender + Technology Institute

    Tactical Tech's engagement with women and LGBTQ activists over the years made it clear for us that online spaces can be hostile environments, resulting in intimidation and the censorship of women's voices. As a result, the Gender and Technology Institute (GTI) was created in response to the... more

    GTI in Ecuador, video by Luchadoras
  • December 2014

    One World Platform holds the first annual Women Rock IT event, a five-day regional training on information and communications technologies and violence against women with 26 women from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia.

    Vratimo kontrolu nad tehnologijom!
  • March 2015

    Take Back the Tech! campaigns on "Section J: Promote ICT in women's rights," pushing for the reprioritization of Section J of the Beijing Platform for Action during the 59th session on the Commission of the Status of Women (CSW). APC staff advocates with fellow activists at CSW in New York while... more

  • Taller sobre nuevas tecnologías y feminismos en Cochabamba

    Taller práctico sobre periodismo y tecnologías desde una perspectiva feminista para jǘenes y niñas. Junto al taller permanente de Barrio Hacker de Martadero. Participaron personas de Rancho Electrónico (MX) y colectivo Rehúso (Col)
    ... more

    Taller en Bolivia - Barrio Hacker
  • June 2015

    Take Back the Tech! wins The Bobs Best in Online Activism Award for People's Choice in English.

    The Bobs 2015 winners
  • Conversatorio #InternetFeminista y gobernanza de internet en Oaxaca

    Conversatorio en el que participaron Soledad Venegas Nava, Loreto Bravo y Florencia Goldsman

    Debate feminista sobre gobernanza de internet Oaxaca
  • October 2015

    Take Back the Tech! joins partners in forming the Nameless Coalition, which pressures Facebook to change their "real name" policy. Although Facebook fails to comply with all demands, they do agree to make some changes.

    Nameless coalition
  • 25th Nov - 10th Dec 2015

    Take Back the Tech! campaigns on "Strengthen solidarity. Share your strategies for countering violence against women," asking people to share stories, organise offline, improve safety apps and create localised digital safety roadmaps. Highlights include a comic strip featuring a survivor story from... more

    Strengthen solidarity
  • December 2015

    Twitter adopts language recognising online harassment as a restriction of freedom of expression, as promoted by Take Back the Tech!'s 2014 campaign as well as our work with many dedicated partners as part of an international coalition.

    Fighting abuse to protect freedom of expression
  • Digital Women’s Archive North develops manifesto

    Digital Women’s Archive North CIC in Manchester, UK, is an arts and heritage organisation, delivering a programme of community-based projects and research relating to gender. DWAN unlocks women’s histories in archives and collects cultural memories. We use feminist curatorial practices (material... more

    Digital Women's Achieve North CIC
  • Festival Ciberfeminista en Guatemala

    Charla sobre #ImaginaInternetFeminista en el festiva ciberfeminista organizado por CEPPAS-GT. Participó FG.

    Festival Ciberfem Guatemala
  • Conferencia Género y Sexualidades en Nicaragua

    Varias activistas presentan una conferencia sobre género, sexualidades y tecnologías, entre los temas de la agenda se presenta #InternetFeminista

  • May 2016

    Take Back the Tech! wins the Womanity Award for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and partners with Luchadoras and La Sandía Digital to work with feminist collectives in Mexico.

    Womanity award
  • Donestech celebrates 10 years

    Donestech celebrates ten years of the existence of their collective, which develops cyberfeminism, research, training and documentaries about the relationship between gender and tech. The party is composed of concerts and performances of techie women living in Spain and is basically awesome and a... more

  • September 2016

    Take Back the Tech! begins celebrating 10 years with a party and Feminist Internet eXchange Hub at the AWID Feminist Futures Forum in Brazil. One of the highlights of the hub is public, autonomous, anonymous group sexting.

    Public. Autonomous. Anonymous. Group. Sexting. At AWID 2016. Oh yeah!