We Accept Project

I chose this website because it is multilingual, initiated and spoken by LGBTIQ+ persons in their own words. I hope this project will grow bigger and collect even more stories from inidividuals in countries where being LGBTIQ+ is hard everyday labor.

They are all witches - Sve su to vještice

Imagine famous women feminists, philosophers and writers using lines of everyday sayings of your grandma. Well, Sve su to vjestice is a feminist meme page that combines these, smashing patriarchal culture and stereotypical gender roles subverting stereotypes and using humor. They don’t like academic language and specifically use local Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages. There’s also a podcast hosting guests across the region and discussing life, politics, memory, identities, authenticity, art, reproductive and sexual rights. 

Zobijana Bones

Beautiful illustrations depicting everyday life and ordinary thoughts on relationships, work, sexuality, body and mind of a girl who redefines cool! Her work challenges the stereotypical gender roles of women. I particularly love it because these works bend the rigid perception of ourselves, promote body positivity and pleasure, as well as indulgence in perks of food, leisure, forgiveness and compassion.