Be safe

Photo by Jon Feinstein What privacy & anonymity have to do with tech-related VAW Anonymity and digital privacy are a critical part of human rights, but they are also connected to cyber crime, such as fraud, identity theft, cyber stalking, bullying, phishing and trolling. Survivors...
What data storage has to do with tech-related VAW Dealing with incidents of tech-related violence involves reporting, investigating and collecting evidence. Collecting data is critical, as tech-related VAW is an increasing but under-analysed issue due to lack of valuable data. Record-keeping can...
Why it's important to know how to talk to survivors People who are not trained to talk to survivors often say the wrong thing even when they mean well. Some people do not understand that violence online is equal to, and sometimes has an even greater impact than, violence offline. Survivors often...

Help a friend

Hey! Is your friend being attacked online? Talk to her! How is she? What does she want to do? When? What doesn't she want to do?

Digital Solidarity Quilt

Get quilting! The digital quilt speaks of our collective solidarity, recognition & refusal to let voices and struggles of Women Human Rights Defenders be silenced.

Digital Rights Activists

Stack the playing card deck! We've started this deck of playing cards reflecting women's contributions to information and communication technologies, and we need you to stack the deck with remarkable women.

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