In Swahili we say “Karibuni” to welcome people! So karibuni to my playlist!!! My name is DJ Viv from Kenya. I enjoy the stillness of nature, the love and solidarity of the feminist community that I’ve found across regions , Dido’s music…(Highly recommend) and can occasionally be found providing legal opinions on things. I have created this playlist for you all, with all my love and picked resources from different parts of Africa that I identify with in a way, that I have learnt from and that have fueled my feminist spirit to keep organizing. I hope we can talk about them, and I hope they inspire something in you too. Feel free in this space and WELCOME!!

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Hacking Systems of Oppression and Protecting our Vital Strenghts: A Feminist Framework for Self-Defense- An Introduction

This was my first time interacting with self-defense from a feminist perspective, so I was very appreciative of the chance to learn and reflect on this holistic and beautifully illustrated research, that let us know, through very profound words, that self-defense is a political act.

Hedone Zine

I hang on to every word in this beautiful zine. Every once in a while, I stopped reading to just reflect on what each page had to offer, there were very refreshing and new perspectives about pleasure and this made me want to explore different things about myself, that I may have subconsciously suppresed.