Are you part of the growing movement to end violence against women? You don’t need to be part of an organisation, a member of a large coalition, or working full time at a crisis centre to be an activist against VAW.

Every action you have taken to counter unequal power relations between women and men, each time you’ve written, commented or spoke up against VAW, every time you have paused, considered and responded to this phenomenon – they all contribute towards a movement by people from all parts of the world to call for an end to violence against women.

Map your resistance! Visualise the strength of our collective fight against VAW with your activism.

  • Go to “map it”
  • After the map loads, click on the marker on the top left corner
  • A layer will pop up on the screen.
  • Drag and drop the marker to where you are. If this will be a threat to your personal safety - some authorities are not too happy about activism on women's rights or sexuality - drop the marker somewhere in the region.
  • Click "add this location"
  • Add your activism.
  • You can also add images of your activism if you've got any (e.g. printscreens, an photo of a flyer etc)
  • Add tags, which are basically keywords if you want to (e.g. location, organisation name, type of action etc)
  • Select "TBTT action"
  • Finally save, & your activism is marked as part of this movement against VAW.

Click on markers near where you live. You might be able to find someone that you can collaborate with, or at least, draw some inspiration :)

If you can't load the map, then just submit a comment, and we'll add it in for you.