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Filmmakers Anonymous
Filmmakers Anonymous is a gathering of new and emerging films; compiled, not curated, from among like-minded people who are just addicted to making films - for whatever noble or twisted reasons.

Filmmakers Anonymous 5: Take Back The Tech!
Central Market, the Annexe
14 December 2007 8pm Third Floor

Filmmakers Anonymous is doing our itsy bit for 16 days of activism against gender violence and dedicated the entire FA 5 to the noble cause of taking back the tech! If you have sent us all-sorts of other videos, don't fret, we'll definitely be keeping it for FA 6, Jan. It’s just that we felt guilty for going MIA for a while, and so we thought that doing something less masturbatory will purge the conscience…but we can't promise it is going to be any less strange or provocative.

Join us for a night of screening and conversation on violence against women and communication rights, and the launch of something bigger. This FA dives into the troubling normality of violence against women, as part of the 16 Days of Activism.

violence against women & the right to information, communication & expression

How does technology connect with violence against women? An ex-boyfriend decides that he'll share his videos of his ex-girlfriend on youtube. A woman manages to snap a picture of her attacker with her mobile phone. A bunch of film makers decide to explore the complex power dynamics of violence through video.

We urgently call for submissions of video shorts/films on this theme. If you have something you'd like to screen, please send it on to us by 10 Dec 2007.

Anything goes, as long as it's about violence against women and communication rights.

Selected films will also be broadcasted on

Bring a friend, bring your neighbours, bring your boss, bring anyone who you think might be interested (or should be!) in having their comfort a little agitated by this issue.

Post screening, there will be a borak session about the stuff you've just watched. Plus a little extra on making sense of an increasingly digitised world that has the phenomena of violence against women adapting like a virus within it.

We'll even invite a few hecklers & brainers to spice up the conversation ;)

1 year, public screenings & a prize: Take Back The Tech 2008
This screening launches a larger call for video submissions. You have almost whole year to document, explore and disrupt this issue.

We think this issue is important enough to go through the red tape for screening the shortlisted videos at public spaces. And for that final push, we're even going to run around for sponsorship of prizes for the winners.

Don't say we didn't warn you. Come & see what the fuss is all about, and if you haven't done anything for this year's effort to end violence against women, it's a good place to start.

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