Feminist practices of technology: What's your approach?

How do you the use technology as a feminist?  Celebrate International Women's Day by sharing your practice and politics on Twitter!

Do you use online maps to share information about safe and unsafe spaces? Have you made a message on women's rights go viral by using your mobile phone or email? Do you share interesting videos that challenges gender injustice?

How do you use technology to learn, share, create, disseminate and disrupt?

Create a buzz and add your take on how you use the internet, mobile phones and other communications technology for women's rights and empowerment.

Add the hashtags #takebackthetech, #iwd and #feminist_tech to your tweets and we will aggregate them on this site.

Or if you have a story to share, blog about it and tweet the link to your post.

Let's grow our feminist practices and politics of technology! Happy International Women's Day :)

Find out more about Twitter and how we are using it to Take Back The Tech! from a previous Twitter action here