As part of the 2016 campaign for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we are celebrating 10 years of Take Back the Tech! through an interactive timeline that charts our collective history. Tell us how you campaigned for Take Back the Tech!
Send us inspired moments from your campaign work, such as the time you:
  • Started a local campaign or first participated in the global campaign
  • Celebrated impacts such as a change in awareness, attitudes, policies
  • Engaged an influential person or pressured government or internet intermediaries
  • Created spectacular content like a digital story, widely shared meme or clever comic
  • Trained women and girls in digital content production, digital security or women's rights and internet rights advocacy
  • Won an award or other distinction or received significant media attention
  • Developed long-term programming that came out of an initial campaign. 
Please include the following points:
  • Name of individual campaigner, group or local campaign
  • City and country
  • Month and year of the event you want to mark
  • Description of the event and what makes it memorable
  • If available, visuals that reflect the event (photos, graphics, multimedia).
Send details along with content and links to by 18 November. And keep taking back the tech!