Stories and media attention on incidences
of violence against women often targets the woman. Stories
are sensationalised, sometimes sexualised. Instead
of condemning the abuser or perpetrator's action, survivors
are narrated to hold at least partial blame for the violence.

Some kinds of violence happen and continue in silence and
secrecy: behind closed doors of the home, in the streets
with a lewd remark and a grope, in internet discussion forums
behind an anonymous handle or nickname, through SMS (short
message server) behind an unregistered pre-paid number,
using a free web-based email like gmail and more.

Remove the protection that abusers have by this concealment.
If others know their face, tactics or pseudonym, it makes
it harder to repeat the abuse with someone else.

Take control of your media tool. If you have a mobile phone
camera, digital camera, pen and paper, internet access and
more, you can take over what story gets told, and in what

  • Snap a picture of an abuser or perpetrator
    • It can be someone you know who is abusing his/her
      partner, family member or children, a street sexual
      harasser, an acquaintance who bragged about his date
      rape etc.
    • If it happened through digital spaces, make a print
      screen or screen shot of the event. Example: go to the
      forum room and press CTRL + print screen on your computer,
      paste it on a word document.
    • If it is on your mobile phone, snap a picture of the
      message with the phone number clearly displayed.
  • Put it up on the TakeBackTheTech
    flickr group
  • Tag it! Assign tags: "Take Back The Tech",
    "Abuser","Rapist", whatever you think
    s/he should be named.
  • We'll collect them and put them up on this site in the
    "Corridor of Criminals"
  • If you don't have a flickr account, email it to us:
    ideas AT takebackthetech DOT net
  • If yours is a story, or if you have questions, bring
    them up in Talk Tech & VAW
  • Target the abuser.