Marchers recall struggles

Two articles about the lead-up to the Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing, China. One describes a march in Washington, DC, that followed the first suffrage march in that city in 1913 and the struggles women faced in the past. The other describes the fight for gender equality in Vietnam and other countries.

"Marchers recall struggles"
"Equality still a dream for many poor women"
The Cincinnati Enquirer
Sunday, August 27, 1995
Nation/World A2

CIDHAL - Cuerpo de Mujer

CIDHAL, the oldest women's documentation center in Latin America has been site and source of vital information about our bodies and right to live free of violence since 1969.

This set of informational pamphlets was used in countless trainings, as have their many other publications and posters over the years. 

The top pamphlet, Ciudadania y Derechos Humanos, was written by Flor Dissiré León Hernández.

Tech sans violence !

Qui sommes-nous?

TECHSANSVIOLENCE.NET a été initié par le Programme d'appui aux réseaux de femmes de l'Association pour le progrès des communications (PARF d'APC). Le PARF d'APC est un réseau international de femmes de plus de 35 pays, engagées en faveur du changement social et de l'autonomisation des femmes par l'utilisation judicieuse des technologies de l'information et de la communication (TIC).