World Pulse is the leading network using the power of digital media to connect women worldwide and bring them a global voice. Today nearly 60,000 women and allies from more than 190 countries are connecting through World Pulse and changing their lives - including those using internet cafes and cell phones from rural villages to urban metropolises. We believe that when women are heard, they will change the world.

Current activities

Love letters to end violence and more actions from the World Pulse online community!

Nakinti | Cameroon: A Letter to My Best Friend: Let's Stop the Cycle of Rape in Your Family

Pelamutunzi | Zimbabwe: The Letter that is Long Overdue - To All the Daughters in the World

Soumya Vilekar | India: The Unborn Girl Child

Precious M | Cameroon: My Letter to the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and the Family

Shaheen Sultan Dhanji | Canada: Love Letter from an Iranian Friend

Soumya Vilekar | India: The Real Voice

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby | United States: Take Back the Tech - A Love Letter

Passy Mubalama | Democratic Repubic of Congo: Letter to the President of the DRC

Nabiye Tal | Nigeria: A Love Letter

Pilar Albisu | Canada: Letter to the Women of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Lintajonhera | Zimbabwe: Victims and Volunteers

Pilar Albisu | Canada: Letter to My Future Daughters

Lintajonhera | Zimbabwe: Love Letter to a Sister

Anne Chirume | Democratic Republic of Congo: The Broken Heart

Mukut | India: Domestic Violence Through My Eyes

Solemu | United Kingdom: Take Back the Tech Using Participatory Video

Patsy Lindrio | Uganda: Will I Ever Be Strong Enough to Tell My Father NOT to Abuse my Mother

Ashleigh Lauren: A Love Letter to My Future Daughter

Mauri | Italy: My Love Letter Just for You

Nabiye Tal | Nigeria:  Unite and Say NO!

Kara-Amena | United States: A Letter to a Friend of Mine and an Ally of Women Worldwide


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