International "16 Days of Activism Against violence of " / November 25 –December 10, 2007 Demanding Implementation, Challenging Obstacles: End Violence Agains Women This year campaign You have right! Demand protection from domestic violence, will be implemented as a mutual action from Akcija Zdruzhenska, ESE, National SOS Phone Line for victims, ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Ministry of Interior. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage the victims to ask for efficiency and quality from the system for protection of DV, by means of providing informations of the protective measures that should be offered by the relevant institutions, symbolically presented as "doors of the system". Campaign starts on November 24 (Saturday) with kick of event on the square Macedonia named "DOORS OF THE SYSTEM". The event will include installation that will symbolize the "doors" of relevant institutions (Police, Health, Centres for welfare and NGO’s) which represents the system of protection from DV. In front of every door there will stand a persons from the relevant institution who is going to inform the citizens for the services and protections this institutions provides for the victims. During the campaign is planed distribution of 5000 liflets, advertisement in weekly newspaper Tea Moderna and will be opened phone line for donating money for victims of DV.