New website, new campaign!

Today we launch the new Take Back the Tech! website and the 2014 16 Days Campaign. "Violence silences" is the campaign theme, focusing on the relationship between violence against women and freedom of expression. You can find our call to action on the current campaign page, and we will share announcements and notes throughout the campaign in the action library. You can also find campaign multimedia and the campaign kit under the take action section.

Women designers, developers, themers and content creators from different parts of the world have been working on this site. Because we are launching in time for the campaign, there is still a little work to do. Please bear with us as we tweak things and add translations.

This is a new and improved campaign site, and one of the highlights is our addition of digital safety roadmaps. You can find information on the issue, related rights and strategies in the know more section along with a special toolkit. We are kicking off with a blackmail safety roadmap, and two others will come out during the campaign period.

Please have a look around, register for an account and spread the word. Join the campaign to reclaim our right to expression! Take back the tech!