This year for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, we wanted to amplify the voices of women around the world on this subject. Most of our stories focus on technology-related violence or how technology is used to counter violence against women. Although we frequently see stories on technology and violence in the media today, they often focus on the US and the UK.

But women all over the world face technology-related violence. And women in all regions are using technology to change this problem through social media campaigns, blog posts, journalism, art, safety apps and more. The stories in our #16Days gallery reflect narratives of women survivors and women who work with survivors in countries such as Zambia, Bangladesh, Colombia and Syria. It's important to recognise that we can all learn from the strategies these women employ. 

Take Back the Tech! is a collaborative campaign, which means that it relies on action from diverse individuals, initiatives and organisations. ICT users like you make Take Back the Tech! what it is. When we sent out our call for stories, we were inspired by the range of voices and the creative wealth that came from this supportive community.

In particular, our partner World Pulse encouraged their contributors to write stories for the campaign, and those women came through with powerful essays and poems. Here are a few more World Pulse stories we would like to share with you: