5 December 2014

Women bloggers and journalists face frequent online harassment, cyberstalking and even physical violence. The more visible a woman is online, the more abuse she faces, and this violence aims to silence her.
We need women's voices in the media. We need women challenging gender norms and sexist depictions, countering the exploitation of women's bodies, contributing to analysis on politics and technology and more.
Help us make sure women's voices are heard. For day 11 of #16days, Take Back the Tech! and UN Women want women writers to share their stories and campaigners to show their support. Take action in two ways:
Documentation and Solidarity
  • Bloggers and journalists: Use your mobile phone to interview women colleagues about attempts to silence them through violence.
  • Campaigners: Use your mobile phone to interview fans of these women in the media and ask for messages of solidarity.
Share your videos by uploading to YouTube or Vimeo and tweeting the URL to @takebackthetech and @SayNO_UNiTE. Take Back the Tech! will publish them on the campaign video page.
Resistance and Solidarity
  • Bloggers and journalists: Blog, write and/or tweet your strategies of resistance. How have you responded to online violence? What actions did you take?
  • Campaigners: Share your own tips for challenging violence and tweet messages of support to women writers. How do you challenge existing inequalities by speaking up? How do you fight back?
Tag your posts and tweets with #16days and tweet us at @takebackthetech and @SayNO_UNiTE.
Exercising our right to freedom of expression is critical to ending violence against women and girls. We can only create change by speaking up and building solidarity. Don't let violence silence us. Speak out! Say no! Take back the tech!