The boundary between digital and physical
spaces can be unclear.

Ideas about what makes a 'woman' and a
'man', the power dynamics between the genders, how they
should relate to each other, disavowal of other forms of
gender identities and more, can be formed, repeated and
circulated within online spaces.

But these ideas also move from the containment
in computers, to the people who are consuming, producing
and reproducing them. From there, it is carried to offline
spaces, where people interact in the home, at school, coffee
shops, workplaces, restaurants etc. The direction can also
happen the other way around, or in unexpected ways.

the spaces you occupy. Bring your online activism
to your offline presence. One simple way, print

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Sticker Set 1
- Campaign icon

"Take Back The Tech" in English, Spanish &

Format available: pdf

Sticker Set 2
- Campaign icon (blank)

Blank so you can add you own words

Formats available: jpeg
(253kb), odp
(274kb), doc
(275kb) & ppt

Sticker Set 3
- Campaign banner (mixed)

"Take Back The Tech" in multiple languages (English,
Spanish, French, Tagalog, Malay, German, Portuguese, Catalan,
Afrikaans & Xhosa); and

Blank spaces so you can add your own words, or translate
the tagline in your own language.

Formats available: jpeg
(314kb), odp
(340kb), doc
(337kb) & ppt

Or if you made
your own stickers, share them with others! Email
them to ideas AT takebackthetech DOT org, and we'll put
them up here. Or you can upload them to the campaign wiki

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