Cyberfeminist Index

Hicieron algo súper importante para la memoria ciberfeminista: un listado de iniciativas ordenados por año desde 1985 con el Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late 20th Century has los días actuales. Además el listado es colaborativo y nunca se terminará segun sus creadoras.

Sé monstrua - Identidades para nuestra vida cotidiana

La reflexión de los textos acerca de una identidad mostrua y de la fuerza de ese concepto en la practica me parece una mirada bastante interesante para pensar maneras de habitar internet desde las diversidades. El proyecto tambien plantea un cuestionando a la idea de "normalidad" y "unidad", al afirmar que todes somos más que une y que es ahí que habita la magia de vivir y (des)construirse.

Virtual Violence, Real Harm

This is literally the only study done in Morocco based on a survey on OGBV. Also it reflects on how the majority of Moroccan women women interviewed have been victims of OGBV. A lot have also decided to remain silent because of the way it is perceived by society. The sad reality is that women fear of being seen as responsible, and others have told that they have been punished . This summary also showcases how little action is being taken against the aggressor.

Hacking Systems of Oppression and Protecting our Vital Strenghts: A Feminist Framework for Self-Defense- An Introduction

This was my first time interacting with self-defense from a feminist perspective, so I was very appreciative of the chance to learn and reflect on this holistic and beautifully illustrated research, that let us know, through very profound words, that self-defense is a political act.

Hedone Zine

I hang on to every word in this beautiful zine. Every once in a while, I stopped reading to just reflect on what each page had to offer, there were very refreshing and new perspectives about pleasure and this made me want to explore different things about myself, that I may have subconsciously suppresed.