Legal Support for Hindu Girls and Young Women
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In Bangladesh, crimes against humanity have become widespread, especially against minorities girls and youth women. Almost every day, minority youth women human rights defenders leave for the neighbor country, India. Minority women rights defenders are constantly afraid for their security. Peace, good governance, rule of law, and democracy, human rights and democracy for youth are nonexistent in Bangladesh. Perpetrators get impunity from the state. As a result, there is a constant increase in all kinds of criminal activities in our dear Bangladesh. At the same time, sectarianism has increased rapidly. And our religious minorities are suffering. Majority Muslims are occupying the minorities’ lands, torturing them, and raping their youth women. It is a common practice. Yet, they are failing to stop minority oppression, and the torture of minorities is still happening in Bangladesh.

Some Religious Hindu Minority Girls were kidnapped and abducted by Muslim perpetrators for rape and forceful conversion to Islam. Some facts are victims of abduction as follows:

Fact 1. Ms.Ratri Das (age 16) daughter of Netai Das and Ms.Jhinu Das of Hathazari Sadar, Chittagong was kidnapped on 8th September, 2015 at about 3.30 p.m. The victim was kidnapped by Mohammad Hasan and others with a view to complete forceful conversion to Islam- said the legal guardian of the victim.

Fact 2; Ms.Rinki Rani Devi (age 16) Minority Hindu School Girl kidnapped on 28.08.2015 for forceful conversion to Islam by local perpetrators 1) Md. Abdur Rahaman (Ridoy) -(18) son of Ali Akbar, 2) Md. Omar (30) son of not known when the victim was coming from her Garibe Newaz High School towards home at Nathpara – Halisahar PS, CMP Chittagong.

Fact 3; Minority Hindu School girl- Ms. Susmita Singh (12) kidnapped and abducted for forceful conversion to Islam on 03.08.2015 from Uttar-Kararchar within Shibpur Upazila of Narshingdi District. Facts of the case is that while the victim girl was going to her home, all on a sudden some perpetrators namely 1) Md. Masum (20) son of Babu Meah, 2) Md. Babul Meah (55) son of Samed Meah, and 3) Ms. Nazma Begum (50) with ill intention to convert the victim girl from Hinduism to Islam kidnapped her and took her in an identified destination. Sukanta Singh (48) lodged first information report (FIR) at Shibpur police station on 6th August,15 against those three perpetrators.

Facts 4; Ms.Bristi Biswas was 1st Year student of Adamjee M.W. College at Rupgonj Upazila, Narayangonj while the victim girl was returning from her College towards her home at Tetlaboo on 30th July,15 at about 2 p.m. all on the sudden some unknown perpetrators obstructed her and compelled her to board a micro bus and they decamped with the victim towards unknown destination. But after some days the perpetrators contacted with father ( who reside in Malaysia for professional purpose) over his Mobile Number at Malaysia from the Mobile of perpetrator from Bangladesh and demanded money ( Zizia tax). Father of the victim became puzzled staying at Malayasia and contacted with his wife –Sreemoti Basanti Biswas and informed the situation.

Facts 5; The victim was the student of Class IX in “Bager Bazar High School”.While on 25th June,15 at about 7 p.m. the victim girl was proceeding on foot towards her home Bager Bazar after purchasing costumes, all on a sudden Md. Rajib son of Md. Motahar Hossain, Md. Rajan Hossain and 3) Motahar Hossain appeared and intercepted the victim, forced her to board a Micro Bus and other perpetrators helped each other to chase the victim with ill intention to abduct for forceful conversion to Islam. The incident witnessed by Redoy Debnath-younger brother of victim who reported father and mother for such unfortunate incident. Later on the father and mother of victim came to know that those perpetrators participated the incident of kidnapping and they have been given to understand that their daughter has been converted to Islam; and as such the perpetrators will not return back Ms.Antara (Priyanka) to the legal guardian of the victim.

Facts 6; The victim Pinky Rani is a student of” Binnati Majid Mollah High School” studying in class VI. She was continuing her studies at village-Magura staying in the house of her nephew at Kishoregonj District. On 27th May, 15 at about 12.45 p.m. while mother along with Pinky were proceeding by paddle rickshaw towards her home, when the Rickshaw reached near “Satata” Etvhata all on a sudden one CNG Engine Vehicle appeared with 3 to 4 perpetrators and intercepted paddle rickshaw and perpetrator No.1 Jashim snatched away Pinky Rani from the Rickshaw, then mother of Pinki jumped over Jashim , but she was rather assaulted. Then those perpetrators decamped towards Kadamtola Bus Stad. During the incident 1) Jamshed Meah, 2) Sanjit Sutradhar and mother Renu Rani Sutradhar were present, nobody could chase them.

Facts 7; Mohammad Hiron Miah- and Mohammad Shafique Ali- perpetrators on 05.06.2015 at night about 9 p.m called Arpona Das for ill motive. Arpana did not respond, as she was in the toilet, but perpetrators entered into the toilet of victim- while her mother went to her relative’s House outside her house. In this opportunity perpetrators took her away from the Toilet and broght her in a rook of Mohammad Hiron Meah & raped her one after another. A Destitute Minority Girl belonging to Hindu – Ms.Arpana Das (14) was kidnapped from Gouripur Union of Theghoria within Balagonj PS – Sylhet District for sexual enjoyment & forceful conversion to Islam by perpetrators on 5th of June, 2015. The perpetrator No.3 Ms..Sayarun Nessa (45) attempted to take necessary action for forceful conversion to Islam calling her nearest relatives to complete conversion procedure as per Islamic law. But due to timely intervention the process of forceful conversion to Islam has been foiled. Facts of the Case: The victim is a student of Goainghrat Degree College of 1st year. While Soma was going to her college to attend her classes she was kidnapped from 5 No. Alirgaon Union on the pucca road of Manikgonj Hatirpara within Goainghat, of Sylhet. she was kidnapped on 14th June, 15 at about 9 a.m. by Md. Zobair Ahmed Shohel (23) 2) Md. Khaled Ahmed, 3) Hizbul Ahmed (22), 4) Abdur Rahim (50), 5) Mst. Sirazun Nessa Begum. She was crying for rescue but nobody came forward to rescue her. The victim cried and nobody came forward for her rescue.

Facts 8; Father and daughter from their home were proceeding towards Lemua College riding on Motor Bike to fill up the forms for Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination of victim on 14th March,15 at about 10.30 all on a sudden other two Motor Bike riders behind the Motor Bike of Bikash Bepari intercepted Motor Bike of Bikash on the road near Jugirhula area (cow firm of Seraj Master of) 19 kilometres away from local police station, dictated Bikash to get down from the Motor vehicle but Bikash refused to get down from the Bike, but three above perpetrators created terror in the mind of Bikash and due to scuffling two perpetrators snatched away his daughter- Kona who cried for rescue from the bike and fled away; other perpetrators started to beat Bikash till he become senseless. Some witnesses came forward but in the meantime those perpetrators with bike decamped and abducted the victim towards unknown destination. After getting senses Bikash went to Patharghata police station and described the ordeal and lodged F.I.R. at Patharghata police station being case No.18 dated 15.03.15 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act,2003 against three perpetrators and 3 to 4 unknown others.

Facts 9; Bangladesh Minority Watch took initiative to rescue Hindu school girl with the help of Police Sub Inspector – Tapan Adhikary of Rajarhat police station of Kurigram District as soon as it came to notice of BDMW on 25th Feb,2015. After thorough persuasions the victim rescued by Tapan Adhikary, but the perpetrators with ill motive changed the name of Ms.Lima Rani as Sumaiya Begum afterwards compelling her swearing an affidavit before the Notary 21.03. 2015: BDMW protested against for forceful conversion which was completely foiled by our team. The victim described her ordeal after rescue through court. Three perpetrators namely 1) Md.Rabbi (35), Md. Arif (34) and unknown one belonging to Juba League gang-raped Minority NGO Women worker (32) on last Saturday night at Boroigram Upazila of Natore District. While the victim was. It is alleged that those perpetrators tried to hide this heinous crime, but the relatives of this minority women complained that due to intimidation and threat given by those perpetrators the victim is not in a position to lodge F.I.R. at the local police station. In the meantime the victim has been admitted into a private clinic for medical checkup.

I will need your support for the legal Aid to the victims for their Justice and develop new cooperation