One of the most powerful ways to counter violence against
women is through knowledge. If you are one of the lucky
few who can connect to the internet, you would know how
amazing it is to be able to find information and resources
available in digital spaces.

You may have come across an interesting resource, important
information, funky initiative or local online support communities
in the worldwideweb. Instead of filing it away as a bookmark
in your own computer, share them with others!

The website (pronounced as "delicious")
is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing,
and discovering web bookmarks. Basically, it allows users
to share their bookmarks with other Internet users or with
members of their communities, using common "tags"
( defines a "tag" as a simple word
or keyword used to describe a bookmark).

For example, you use the tag "feminism" to bookmark
websites that are related to the topic. By doing so, you
are contributing to the pool of websites that have been
tagged with "feminism". Tags which are used by
many users are included in' hotlist - or most
popular tags / topics. The hotlist changes depending on
what tags are being used by members of the community
at any given time. It's a great way to know which topics
are concerning most internet users.

  • Spend half an hour surfing the internet, and look for
    information or websites that will help others take control
    of technology to counter violence against women.
  • When you've found them, share them through
  • Go to: ""
  • Click on "register" in the upper right hand
  • Enter your details and register.
  • You're now ready to bookmark any page on the internet
    and share it through this online social bookmarking tool.
  • Click on "post"
  • You will be requested for a URL of the website you want
    to bookmark.
  • Once you have entered the URL, you can add descriptions
    and tags (which are basically keywords assigned by you)
    to the site.
  • Begin by sharing this campaign. Type in:
  • Add tags, such as:
    • takebackthetech
    • women
    • ICT
    • internet
    • activism
    • gender
    • feminism
    • "violence against women" (you have to put
      phrases in inverted commas or they will be considered
      as three separate tags instead of one)
    • more?
  • Click save, and the website becomes part of your bookmark
  • For every site/page that you bookmark in this action,
    add the tag "takebackthetech", "violence
    against women" and "ICT". This is so that:
    • we can connect with each other through
      to know that our bookmarking efforts for today is part
      of a collaborative action;
    • to highlight the connection between violence against
      women and information communications technology, and
      inform others about our concern around this issue.
  • We will be searching at the end of the day,
    and collate information and sites that you have bookmarked
    into the resources page of this website.
  • Happy bookmarking!