The internet is a massive repository of information, with more than 100 million distinct websites, and still counting.

There is also a general acknowledgement on the importance of information and communications technology (ICT) in enabling economic, social, cultural and political development, by providing opportunities and facilitating dialogue.

As ICT becomes more and more relevant in our daily lives, what kinds of content do we have access to online? How do they represent women, and how does this representation impact on the prevalence of violence against women?

Assess the internet. Take back the tech by reviewing the kinds of content currently available, and have your say.

Capture it:

  • Have you come across websites or pages that made you annoyed, angry, inspired, amused or empowered because of the way they represent women?
  • Do a print screen of that webpage and share it here.
  • Press ctrl + printscreen, then paste the image in a word document, or save it as an image (jpeg or gif).

Assess it:

  • In what way does it reinforce ideas about women that are harmful?
  • State your thoughts! Write it on the word doc, or across the image.

Share it:

  • Let others know what you think. Find out what others have to say.
  • Email it to us: ideas AT takebackthetech DOT net, and we’ll publish it here, or
  • If you have a flickr account, join the takebackthetech flickr group and submit your screen captures there.