Music speaks to context, reality and emotions. They can connect between distances and differences, and are expressive containers of our living history. We all have favourite songs and music that inspires or moves us.

Share yours! Let's saturate the airwaves with music that challenges violence against women today.

1. What music moves you?
  • Go through your memory and playing list and think of inspiring songs that counters vaw.
  • Or simply leave a comment on this page :)

2. Change your ring tone
  • Mobile phone ringing tones have been used effectively in political protests against unfair governments, such as in the Philippines in 2004.
  • Change your ringing tone to a song against vaw for the 16 days!
  • If your music is from a CD, you need to copy the file onto your computer. This process is known as “ripping”.
  • If your music is already in MP3 format, it's a good idea to make a copy of it so you are free to edit it to work as a ring tone.
  • Use an audio software hat allows you to export music to MP3. If you don't have this, you can try using Audacity. It is an open source audio software that you can download for free and works on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms.
  • Select the section of the song you would like to use and edit it as creatively as you feel :)
  • Audacity has detailed instructions on how you can create ring tones in their tutorial.
  • Generally, ring tones should be around 15-20 seconds.
  • Export or save the file as MP3, and send them to your mobile phone. There are many ways to do this depending on your computer and mobile phone, either through USB connections, infrared, bluetooth, email etc.  

Take Back The Tech ringing tone!
  • You can also download this tune and use it as your mobile phone ringing tone until the end of the campaign!
  • Right click on this link, and select "save as".

3. Request a song on radio:
  • Disrupt the usual offering of popular music.
  • Call in your favourite radio programme and request a song that speaks directly about violence against women.

4.Share your music:
  • Do you create music? Jam about violence against women. Share your creations with campaigners and hear your music rumble across the map for change.
  • Embed it on your blog and send us the link.
  • If you'd like others to be able to use your music, you can also email the song to us: ideas AT takebackthetech DOT net
  • Or create an account on this website, and upload it directly. After logging in, select “create content”, then “media” and upload it on the page.

Sing along, have fun & take back the tech!