Tweet for #SectionJ: Promote ICT in women's rights

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

APC wants to reprioritise Section J in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action due to the important role that media and internet and communication technologies play in both advancing and hindering women’s rights. While APC staff members advocate at CSW59, and Take Back the Tech! will simultaneously lead an online campaign to raise awareness around Section J and work towards a feminist internet. Our main goal is to encourage women’s rights organisations and activists to pay more attention to the relationship between gender and technology. To do this, we have created resources laying out the issues and our demands from governments, the private sector and civil society, and we will be tweeting 9-13 March under #SectionJ.

Join us on Twitter!

APC will be actively updating from CSW on Twitter. We will tweet from:

We will use the hashtags:

  • #SectionJ
  • #Beijing20
  • #CSW59
  • #genderit
  • #takebackthetech
  • #genderites
  • #dominemoslastic

Suggested tweets

Monday 9/3

  • We want to reprioritise #SectionJ in #BPFA20  
  • #SectionJ of Beijing Platform is critical to our work and our rights #genderit #imagineafeministinternet  
  • Do you know the Feminist Principles of the Internet? #SectionJ #imagineafeministinternet  

Tuesday 10/3

Wednesday 11/3

Thursday 12/3

  • Women’s rights activists, do you know how internet and communication rights affect your work? #SectionJ @UN_Women 
  • ICT affects freedom of expression/information, right to work/privacy. Critical for women’s rights #SectionJ @UN_Women 
  • #SectionJ: “[T]he potential exists for the media to make a far greater contribution to the advancement of women” @UN_Women 

Friday 13/3