Today is World AIDS Day, which gives us a moment to stop and reflect on those lost to this virus, those living with it and those at risk. But this is an issue that deserves our attention year-round. Did you know that there are more women than men living with HIV? Or that women who experience physical violence are at greater risk of acquiring or having HIV than those without violence in their lives?

Because women and LGBTQI persons around the world face greater restrictions around human rights, it can be difficult for them to access healthcare, find information and speak openly about their experiences. Here are a few cases in which freedom of expression is a fundamental part of preventing or treating HIV or supporting the other human rights of people living with HIV:
What can you do to make a difference? Make World AIDS Day every day. Turn 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence into 365 days. Learn as much as you can about the issues and spread the word. Use your right to freedom of expression to speak out against gender-based violence, homophobia and discrimination against people living with HIV.