IPP (Institut Pelangi Perempuan) is Indonesian Young Queer Women Organization. IPP uses strategy called EDUFUNTAINMENT (Education, Fun and Entertainment) as the tool for promoting and struggling for LGBTIQ rights. Creating youth friendly safe and informal space such as dance, sport and operetta club for young queer women are some of the activities which were provided by IPP for organizing and mobilizing the community. Publication such as CD magazines, comic and books are the education media for our community. IPP was founded on 2006 by the collaboration of feminists, artists, human rights activists as well as young queer women.

Current activities

Sharing the Yogyakarta Principles Comic book as one of the 16 days x 16 stories.

Interview with IPP

Why did you do this comic?

Institut Pelangi Perempuan that has been working on the empowerment of young queer women in Indonesia area has the initiative to introduce Yogyakarta Principles in a form of comic, which we hope will be easier to
understand in terms of content because as we know Yogyakarta Principles has a lot of legal terms that are difficult to be understood by our fellow young LGBT. The concept itself was created as attractive as possible, so
that our fellow interested to learn YP and relate it to their daily life as young LGBT.

Why is it important for people to know about Yogyakarta Principles?

Yogyakarta Principles are the principles on the enforcement of human rights related to the choice of sexual orientation and gender identity. **YP was developed to respond any forms of violence reported from all over the
world. Of course these principles were created as an effort to enforce human rights of LGBT all over the world. The YP principles were composed in a meeting attended by some experts in law and human rights who came from all over the world on November 6-9, 2006 at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta. It is important for people to know about YP so that they can use this document as the recommendation for the local government to enforce
the protection law for LGBT people. Other than that people can use it as the tool for campaigning the LGBT rights among their community.

Can you tell us briefly what happened when the comic was blocked in Indonesia?

It happened around April 2011, whenever IPP promote the YP comic for our international network. International LGBTI Association (ILGA) promote it on their website and IPP shared it into our local network in Indonesia. Then we got reported from our local network that they can not access the ILGA website because the Internet Service Providers consider the website has pornography content. There are 3 ISP (IM2 Indosat, Telkomsel Flash, Lintas Artha) whcih blocked the LGBT sites ; ILGA and IGLHRC.

What do you think is the impct of the block?

The impact is Indonesian LGBT can not access the information about LGBT rights which is provided by ILGA and IGLHRC websites. It is the violation of the rights to information for LGBT people in Indonesia.

What's the status now?

We are doing advocacy and collaboration work with local ICT activists and LGBT groups in Indonesia. We organized meeting with some ICT activists and Association of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia, where we share the issue and ask them to open the access of ILGA and IGLHRC websites also the transparency process of blocking the sites. The access of IGLHRC website is opened already, but ILGA website is not opened yet.
However, we as LGBT groups network could have opportunity and space to share the LGBT rights discourse during Indonesia Internet Governance Forum on November 1, 2012.

Thank you!

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