In Swahili we say “Karibuni” to welcome people! So karibuni to my playlist!!! My name is DJ Viv from Kenya. I enjoy the stillness of nature, the love and solidarity of the feminist community that I’ve found across regions , Dido’s music…(Highly recommend) and can occasionally be found providing legal opinions on things. I have created this playlist for you all, with all my love and picked resources from different parts of Africa that I identify with in a way, that I have learnt from and that have fueled my feminist spirit to keep organizing. I hope we can talk about them, and I hope they inspire something in you too. Feel free in this space and WELCOME!!

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Track 1- Research from Kenya on OGBV perpetrated against LGBTIQA+ folk in Kenya

Lets Talk About Online Gender Based Violence-The Findings Report
English, Kenya

Track 3- Lets us into the co-ordinated feminist organizing for the #EndSars Movement in Nigeria

In Nigeria, When Will Justice Catch Up with the Present?
English, Nigeria

Track 4- Feminist Principles of the Internet-but in Swahili!

Swahili Feminist Principles of the Internet
Kenya, Swahili

Track 5- Experiences from Uganda about NCII

Countering Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Images
English, Uganda

Track 6- Research from Nigeria about Hashtag Feminism

Exploring Hashtag Feminism in Nigeria: A Case of #EndSars Campaign
English, Nigeria

Track 8- Radio interview exploring Internet usage, access, and safety in Uganda.

Online Freedom and Safety in Uganda
English, Uganda

Track 10- Zine from South Africa exploring pleasure and OGBV

Hedone Zine
English, South Africa

Track 11- An article about how we can collectively make care practices more wholesome and accessible.

On Africa’s feminist frontlines, we need accessible care practices to sustain o…
Africa, English

Track 12- Global website with resources relating to digital safety and movement building

Social Movement Technologies

Track 13- Digital dating perspectives from LGBTIQA+ folk in Kenya

Dating in the Digital Age
English, Kenya

Track 14- Research exploring a feminist approach to self-defense

Hacking Systems of Oppression and Protecting our Vital Strenghts: A Feminist Fr…

Track 15- A global webinar about self-care practise.

Self Care and Collective Well-being
Africa, English, Mexico

Track 16- Feminist article about solidarity

Feminist Solidarity Saved My Life

Track 17- You Tube series on experiences of survivors of OGBV

Understanding Online Gender Based Violence and the Impact it has on Pleasure
English, South Africa

Track 18- Article painting the picture of OGBV manifestation in the Gambia

Online Gender Based Violence: The Need for Collective Action In the Gambia for …

Track 19- Stories from Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda on NCII.

How do we Effectively Cover Image-Based Abuse as Gender Based Violence? Part 1
Africa, English, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda

Track 20- Reflections of African feminists on Respectability

Yes, Rudeness is Part of the Feminist Package
Africa, English, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda

Track 21- Article painting a quick picture of our relationships with the Internet and Digital Safety in Africa

Women Navigating Digital Spaces and the Push for Accountabilty in the Face of V…
Africa, English

Track 22- Feminist reflections from Kenya on online hypervisibility.

Baptism By Fire: My Experience as a Feminist on the Internet
Africa, English, Kenya

Track 23- Reflections from Sudan on the erasure of women's voices in revolutionary organizing

Going "too far" "too personal"? Insights on Sudanese Women's Organizing and the…