Bujrum | Welcome! I’m Azar Causevic (they/them) from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I want to honor all those before us who contributed making ourselves and our communities more resilient, compassionate and hopeful. I’m a queer feminist activist and one of the core team members of LGBTIQ+ association Okvir and Queer Archive project. I am passionate about queer spaces of love, memory, and resistance. I also do queer peer counseling. Besides that, I am an IT explorer, poetry and psychoanalysis lover.
Random things about me: I believe in connections and that love heals. I also love to get lost and rediscover bits and pieces of myself in the sky, hugs, dreams, sound, text, emotion, art. My favorite colors are turquoise, gray, black and white. I have a dog called Zen, but he is zen in his own way, just as we are.
My blog with random photos, music, poetry and art:

We Accept Project

I chose this website because it is multilingual, initiated and spoken by LGBTIQ+ persons in their own words. I hope this project will grow bigger and collect even more stories from inidividuals in countries where being LGBTIQ+ is hard everyday labor.

They are all witches - Sve su to vještice

Imagine famous women feminists, philosophers and writers using lines of everyday sayings of your grandma. Well, Sve su to vjestice is a feminist meme page that combines these, smashing patriarchal culture and stereotypical gender roles subverting stereotypes and using humor. They don’t like academic language and specifically use local Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages. There’s also a podcast hosting guests across the region and discussing life, politics, memory, identities, authenticity, art, reproductive and sexual rights.