I like this resource because each piece gives you a specific context and related toolkits, challenges and strategies related to digital technologies and sex rights.

TakeBackTheTech Game

Role-playing game that puts you and the entire team on the spot to act in scenarios of online gender-based violence (blackmailing, trolling, porn pretending, etc) with roles: Survivors, Advisors, Public, Game Facilitator. You and your group get to build your Survivor profile with tips and advice on potential situations (you don’t know which scenario you will get). Amazing for education, discussion and strategizing on responses to online GBV. 

The FTX: Safety Reboot 

It’s one of the most beautiful and soulful digital safety training curriculums for trainers who work with women’s rights and sexual rights activists on using the internet safely, creatively and strategically. A handful resource with amazing illustration and graphics asking the right questions and sharing exercises about strategies of safe space building, our representation and self-expression online, mobile safety, online GBV response - rooted in care and experience of communities!