Take Back the Tech! campaigner in Bosnia and Herzegovina develoiped this template and instruction sheet for an exericse they do with communities to provoke reflection regarding private | public.  Below they've shared instructions with us so everyone can do the exercise.


Private/Public – technology and me

Use the technique of TakebackTheTech silhouette's mapping to get participants telling stories in visual ways. TakebackTheTech silhouette's mapping is an adaptation of body mapping and needs between 30 and 45 minutes. You can focus the content of the TakebackTheTech silhouette's exercise on the thematic areas of the workshop (Private/Public, technology and me) by framing broad questions for people to answer.

Explain to participants that we would like to upload and share online TakebackTheTech silhouette's mapping.??Suggested adaptation:??- Use the outline of TakebackTheTech silhouette's in the color of your relationship with technology (For example, I might make one half of my body green for growth and possibility and the other half gray for confusion.)

??- Put down two to three ways that technology has helped you, your life, your work, and two to three ways it has complicated it or made it more difficult or transformed into violence.

You can think of devices (mobiles, computer, TV, digital camera, etc or spaces FB, Twitter Tumblr, YouTube, etc). The best part of the mapping is that everything is your own choice - so if you put something inside your body it links to you, and if you put it outside your body it is linked to something outside of yourself, etc. But you do not have to feel limited too much so give space to your creativity.

To do TakebackTheTech silhouette's mapping you will need:
    •    TakebackTheTech silhouette (you can print in different formats, attached files of international standars)
    •    Water based paints (like poster paints)
    •    Cups, old bottles or other containers for water
    •    Paper (sealed) or plastic plates for taking paint to maps (to save paint and to not have a rush to the paint table!)
    •    A paintbrush per person
    •    Pencils
    •    Paper towels for messes!
    •    Paper
Set up everything before the session, and include time for getting settled with paint and paper and dividing into groups.

Source: Digital Storytelling Handbook for DOBOJ - MDPi/OneWorldsee/IDS (with a LOT borrowed and stolen from others in particular shamelessly from the wonderful Sally-Jean Shackleton and Women’sNet – thank you).