This letter was written by Mauri and was originally published on World Pulse. It is part of the Day 15 action of writing love letters.
My dear daughter, sister, spouse, friend..
My feeling is one of the most effective ways to end violence against of you is, you fully accept and respect yourself.
This is so easy to say - and so immensely difficult to practice, being alone.
But we are not alone. And it is easier participating of our bit of entitlement and sovereignity, if we know we are loved. And love, in my view, is the only form of energy which multiplies. It can spread virally - a benign virus - thanks to the web and a bit of technology.
As love is something very personal, I preferred doing the letter hand-made, then (tech geeks around the World thank you all) gathering it with my poor old scanner.
So, if you find my writing unreadable, you know who to blame ;-)