#JMBG / Bebolucija (Unique Master Citizen Number, the identification number granted to citizens / Child revolution)
Spontaneous protest that block the parliament and government of BiH in Sarajevo supported throughout Bosnia Herzegovina regardless of ethnics identity via #jmbg pictures/messages sharing. 
The feudalistic-ethnic-politic of BH political parties allowed assignment of JMBG to expire in February 2013 (dispute was over updating digits designating regions after the war in the 13-digit ID number) as result children born after February were not assigned JMBG number and could not obtain medical cards or passports. The protests rose in solidarity to Belmina a 3 months girl that need health-care assistance abroad, during the protest Belmina a 1,5 months baby-girl died. The law was amended in Decembre 2013! 
The earings and the ring are the logo and the hashtag of the protest, part of the invisible resistance women and feminist constantly fight while participating to civic protests and resistance.