Media | Representation

icons & avatars - change your looks!


If you use instant messengers to chat online,
or blog, or have your presence on other kinds of digital
spaces (e.g. myspace,
friendster, etc.),
change your icon for the next few days until the last day
of the campaign - 10th December.

Amplify the activism against gender-based
violence through your networks and contacts. Make your commitment
towards ending violence against women bold and loud.

Play with Radio - Make a Buzz


Radio has long been acknowledged as one
of the most powerful, practical and cost-effective communications
tool. Particularly for women who are expected to take on
several different responsibilities at any one time, radio
can be a great way to actively listen and acquire information
while doing other things.

Snap a picture

The internet is a powerful disseminator of norms
because of how quickly and widely it transmits information.
Just think of how quickly it managed to paint a picture
of how women in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime,
through photographs and video clips that were forwarded
from one person to another and many more.