Access to Information (a2i) Programme is an UNDP and USAID supported project (programme) having its office at the Prime Ministers’ Office. The overall objective of the project is to provide support in building a digital nation through delivering services at the citizen’s doorsteps. The programme aims to improve quality, widen access, and decentralize delivery of public services to ensure responsiveness and transparency.


Current activities

Day 1: Create awarenes for the EVAW day and why it is held through #16days #orangeurhood with call to action to various government officials and journalists.

Day 2: Showcasing government, private sector and a2i initiatives on education and computer literacy for women.

Day 3: Launching of new women empowerment and VAW website: Jagoron-Women in Advancement

Day 4: Sharing achievements of women in peacekeeping missions.

Days 5 and 6: He for She campaign, ask men to share their actions to SAY NO TO VAW.

Day 7: Promote international AIDS campaign and how women health workers save lives through community clinics.

Day 8: Reach out to grassroots entreprenuers and bloggers to SAY NO TO VAW and showcase contributions of women in garments and migration sector, including anti-trafficking task force set up by Bangladesh government. 

Day 9: Focus on powerful women in Bangladesh making achievements for ICT inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Day 10: Focus on policy issues concerning development of women and advancement of women in male-dominated fields.

Day 11: Work with radio artists on campaign to fight VAW, exploring ICT measures to take to fight against cyber violence.

Day 12 and 13: Youth engagement at Dhaka University and Independent University.

Day 14: Focus on laws against child abuse and child marriage act, as well as gender-friendly budget.

Day 15: How women in Bangladesh are holding up the ideal of Begum Rokya, child marriage act.

Day 16:  VAW as human rights violation, overview on social media.

Years Active

2013 2014