Rate It: Do You Think Social Media Does Enough on VAW?


How would you grade:

THE RATING FORM IS NOW CLOSED. You've seen our report card on social media and violence against women. Those grades come from our research, but we want to see a report card based on your experiences.

To localise this report card, find out the most popular social media platform in your region and ask your friends, family and wider community to grade that site by filling in the blank.

It's your turn to do the grading.

Talk back to these sites. Rate their work and Take Back The Tech!

We'll share the results as part of our campaign follow-up.
  • excellent, more than meets my expectations
  • fairly good, meets most of my expectations
  • okay, meets some but not all of my expectations
  • quite bad, only meets the bare minimum of my expectations
  • terrible, doesn't meet any of my expectations



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