In 2004, a multi-media
messanging (MMS) clip of two teenage students engaged
in a private sexual act was circulated and eventually
on sale
by a third-party in a popular auction site.

Meanwhile, hundreds
of women are are catching street harassers red-handed
with their mobile phones, posting images of those who
leer, grope and more on a blogsite.

Do you have a mobile
phone that can capture videos? Do you have a video camera?
Do you have a camera and software that is able to make
animated clips?

What will you shoot?
Whatever you have, use it! And make videos that can interrupt
violence against women.

takes back the tech and invites you to submit video clips.

This 16-day initiative
aims to open up digital spaces as a moving visual discourse
against gender-based violence.

Find out how,
and start shooting :)