We only look for help when we need them. But sometimes, it’s useful to carry around numbers for helplines and crisis centres. One, because we always imagine violence to be someone else’s reality until it happens to us. And second, it’s good to be able to help another person who might need it without us knowing.

It doesn’t take a lot to find out what they are, and less to help spread the word. These services are usually non-profit, so we can help with a little ‘free’ advertising today ;)

  • Find out the contact number and details of your nearest domestic violence and sexual assault support centre or legal aid clinic.
  • Go to “map it!”, and share them with other Take Back The Tech campaigners
  • Click on the marker icon on the top left corner, then click on your location
  • Put in the details: phone number, opening times, website etc.

Keep spreading these numbers. Send them to 10 friends through SMS. Chalk them on the pavements, streets and walkways near your home. Stick them on your family fridge. Find numbers on the map that you didn't know about and share those.

While you're at it, wish the reader a great start to 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. Happy activism on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women!