Developments in information and communications technology have blurred the boundaries between information user, creator and disseminator. If you happen to be in a space where electricity is reliable, and internet connectivity is affordable and accessible, you can be a powerful node of knowledge production. Certain barriers to traditional forms of media like television, radio and print publications like cost, editorial monopoly and sometimes, restrictive media environments can be overcome.

There is already an existing disparity between women and men when it comes to traditional mass media – in terms of representation, newsworthiness, access to decision making positions and so on. As such, online publishing can be a critical space to document histories and realities that are lived at the margins of society.

Be a viral node if you’re one of the lucky ones with good internet connectivity, and can access video sharing platforms. Help spread content that challenges unequal gender relations and counter violence against women.

Video sharing services like YouTube and Google video, allow registered users to upload video clips to an internet website. Other users can search and play the video directly from the website, and sometimes, can remotely embed them on their own web pages (for example, embedding a video with a player onto their blogs) They contain billions of short video clips uploaded by users as diverse as normal people who upload amateur video clips captured on mobile phones, to large human rights organisations to professional film studios and more.

  • For one day, disseminate and broadcast video clips and shorts that focus on ending violence against women.
  • Browse these sites for videos that you think are worth disseminating, or if you already have a favourite, look for it.
  • Embed it on your blog by cutting and pasting the video code (don’t forget to tag your post), or
  • Send 10 people a link to the video, or
  • Share it with Take Back The Tech campaigners on this site:
    • Create a user account, click ‘create account’ on the bottom of the right navigation bar
    • Click ‘create content’, then ‘video’
    • Put in the title of the video & the URL
    • In the description, add a few words on what you think of the video