In the fight to end violence against women, men’s contributions are often neglected. Usually, they are identified as perpetrators and abusers, mainly because, this is an overwhelming fact.

But there is nothing inevitable or ‘natural’ about the prescription of men as violators and women as victims/survivors. Spousal abuse and domestic violence also happens in diverse forms of relationships, albeit in different ways, between men and men, women and women, women against men, and so on.

Violence against women is about unequal power relations. Since men as a whole have more power than women in almost all areas of life – economic, epistemic, cultural, sexual, political and social – we have a reality where systemic abuse and violence disproportionately affects women, and are predominantly committed by men.

In order to disrupt this normality of violence against women, everyone has a critical duty to intervene and transform the world that we live in: men and boys, grrls and women, and more.

So it’s great news that more boys and men are joining the movement to end this global crisis, and taking action to stop violence against women.

Take Back The Tech calls all men and boys to name your intervention! Share your story. Speak your strategy. Provoke some action. Let’s make the fact that all of us need to take responsibility and action to stop VAW a little more normal ;)

  • Say it. Ka-BLOG for today, and tell the world how you stopped, interfered and interrupted a situation of violence against women. Or make a postcard. * Name it. Title your story as “The day I stopped violence against women”.
  • Share it. Tag your post as “takebackthetech”. Or submit your postcard to our digital postcards gallery so it can be sent and disseminated to others.
  • Mark it. Proclaim your stand by putting up a Take Back The Tech banner on your blog.
  • Name him. If you know of a male feminist who’s done his part in ending VAW, tell his story!