Day 2: Change what is heard | ka-BLOG with us!

Violence against women (vaw) often gets submerged into the background. Incidences of sexual abuse, harassment at the workplace, domestic violence and rape are almost universally underreported in all parts of the world. The culture of shame, blaming of the survivor for provocation, lack of adequate recourse and the struggle for clear, empowering language to speak about violence against women all contribute to its silence.

How do you speak up about violence against women? What are your words and your stories? Shake up terrain of blogs with your voice and change what is heard! Ka-BLOG with us! Dedicate a blog post today to raise our collective voices against violence against women.

[In Filipino slang, "ka-BLOG" means someone you blog with.]

How to ka-BLOG?

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What to ka-BLOG about? The question of "harm" and digital spaces.

When it comes to violence against women and technology, it can be hard to identify and recognise when an act or speech constitutes "harm".

Does inviting a group of people to respond to a particularly offensive and sexist post by one individual in a forum become harassment instead of action? Is the existence of links to pornographic sites on websites that are stumbled upon directly harmful and degrading to women? Is cybersex real or harmless fantasy? Should we regulate and censor what is said and created online to "protect vulnerable groups of people" like children?

Where do you draw the line? What have you experienced? How do you understand "harm" in online spaces? How is this violence? And when is it not?

Speak your mind, and tell your stories. Take Back The Tech & transform the buzz in the blogosphere!