A study
based based on 50 surveys from around the world shows that
at least 1 in every 3 women has been beaten, coerced into
sex, or abused in her lifetime.

Depressing statistics.
But at the same time, think of all the women that you know.
Grrls and women that you have chatted with on the bus, at
some party, waiting for the elevator, at a work function,
distant relatives, their partners…. There are so many
survivors amongst us.

1 in every 3 women
whom we come across has experienced targeted and senseless
violence; and they are just… fine. We walk amongst
unnamed sheroes; with stories of tenacity, courage and everyday

Action begins from
reality. Tell your story. Use technology to amplify your
voice. If the rabble is loud in its protest, if 1 in 3 women
speak their case, then reality might start to look a little
less ridiculous.

Get inspired. Digital
. Listen to survivors of violence against
women take up multimedia technology, and tell own powerful,
transformative stories.