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16 días x 16 historias: Cuenta. Escucha. Actúa.

El acto de contar una historia es transformador.

Cuando contamos una historia estamos definiendo la experiencia. Nombramos a las/os protagonistas, narramos el acontecimiento, definimos los valores y decidimos qué detalles son importantes. En otras palabras, estamos construyendo la realidad.

Cuando escuchamos una historia, permitimos que nuestro punto de vista se desplace y se sumerja en otra realidad. Cuando escuchamos activamente, también desarrollamos una comprensión más profunda.

Day 6 | Don't forward violence | Campaign spotlight: Take Back the Tech! Colombia

Ending violence against women and girls is everyone's responsibility.  In the first of five videos shared from Take Back the Tech! campaigners in Colombia, the role that men and boys can play to stop the violence is clear.  It addresses the recurring problem of privacy violations which are emerging in mapping of tech-related violence everywhere.  Women entrust and share intimate photos with partners who then violate that trust by disseminating the images broadly, a violation which is further compounded by third-party sharing.

Day 4 | Freedoms not Fears | Campaign spotlight: Take Back the Tech! Philippines

Take Back the Tech! PhilippinesNica and Jothi from the Foundation for Media Alternatives shares their story about the struggle for legal redress for technology-related violence against women in the Philippines. Without the full recognition of women’s human rights, the path to recognition can sometimes act to cripple instead of empower.