Bujrum | Welcome! I’m Azar Causevic (they/them) from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I want to honor all those before us who contributed making ourselves and our communities more resilient, compassionate and hopeful. I’m a queer feminist activist and one of the core team members of LGBTIQ+ association Okvir and Queer Archive project. I am passionate about queer spaces of love, memory, and resistance. I also do queer peer counseling. Besides that, I am an IT explorer, poetry and psychoanalysis lover.
Random things about me: I believe in connections and that love heals. I also love to get lost and rediscover bits and pieces of myself in the sky, hugs, dreams, sound, text, emotion, art. My favorite colors are turquoise, gray, black and white. I have a dog called Zen, but he is zen in his own way, just as we are.
My blog with random photos, music, poetry and art:

The FTX: Safety Reboot 

It’s one of the most beautiful and soulful digital safety training curriculums for trainers who work with women’s rights and sexual rights activists on using the internet safely, creatively and strategically. A handful resource with amazing illustration and graphics asking the right questions and sharing exercises about strategies of safe space building, our representation and self-expression online, mobile safety, online GBV response - rooted in care and experience of communities!


Two hours of pure bliss, feminism, creativity and activism! Podcasts that celebrate women, queers and resistance! Talks on their struggles, challenges, art, technology and activism in patriarchal reality in Serbia. One of the episodes I love where they specifically talk about taking control over the machines and see it as a space of play, exploration and creativity.