Privacy is critical when it comes to information about our health. It relates to one of the most personal aspects of our bodies and can greatly affect our sense of dignity and personhood. It’s important that we can trust our medical practitioner to keep our health information and medical records confidential, so that we can feel safe to communicate as openly as possible and make informed decisions about our health.

Day 7 | 1 Dec - World AIDS Day | Lead the revolution in safer sex!

Today marks World AIDS Day. UNAIDS identify young people as leading actors in reducing new HIV transmissions, through safer sex practices & health care. Join the revolution! Educate, dismantle the stigma & end HIV/AIDS.

Today marks World AIDS Day. There are approximately 30 million people living with HIV/AIDS across the world today, with women making up slightly less than 52% of all infected persons. The number of new infections is still high and demands serious attention, with 40% of all new adult infections in 2009 being made up of young people (15+).