Sometimes wearing a T-shirt with a political message can speak volumes. During the Apartheid regime in South Africa, strict censorship was enforced to include not just books and films, but also badges and T-shirts that contained symbols and messages viewed as threatening to the ruling power at the time. Activists used to wear political T-shirts hidden underneath plain shirts and find opportune moments to flash their political T-shirts to passing cars of public officials' before melting into the crowd. More recently, T-shirts with the words "This is what a feminist looks like" have been popularised by Feminist Majority Foundation in the U.S., and worn by men and women as a badge of honour, countering the notion that feminists are basically "just a bunch of women who hate men".

In a context where mass media is dominated by a few, and which de-prioritises issues involving women's rights, wearing your message of protest on a T-shirt can be both liberating and powerful.

Exercise our right to protest! Wear your feminist stance against violence against women!

1. Feminist slogans wanted

  • Come up with slogans that expresses your beliefs on feminism and violence against women.
  • They can be provocative, direct, forceful, humorous, ironic, questioning or be made entirely of imagery. For example:
    • "Sharing passwords is not part of my marriage vow",
    • "From 1 in 3 to none in a million. Stop violence against women",
    • "Stop stalking me (Google)" etc. 
  • Have fun crafting it :)
  • Share them! Post them as comments here, and keep the creative energy going.

2. Make a T-shirt

  • You can stencil the slogan and design on your T-shirt, or use fabric marker pens to draw them on. You can also silk-screen the design.
  • Find out how to stencil a T-shirt from one of our previous daily actions.
  • Make a virtual tshirt using online image tools and publish it as your status icon.

3. Wear it with pride! 

  • Put it on, take a walk and make a stand. Wear it to your local coffee shop and your next demonstration :)
  • Don't forget to snap a picture and share it!
    • Create an account on this site
    • Click on "Create Content", then "Images".
    • Under "Image gallery", select "Digital postcard"
    • Scroll and select today's daily action under "Daily action reference"
    • Browse and upload your picture. Add a brief description, and click "Save". And you're done!
  • Check out campaign photographs and postcards.

Take Back The Tech! Exercise our right to protest. Wear a feminist T-shirt!

Thanks to Feminist Collective, Nasawiya, organisers of Take Back The Tech! Arabia for this daily action. Share your inspiration there. And at “Wear the Shirt”, an initiative to highlight favorite feminist tees by Gloria Feldt!