Today marks International Women Human Rights Defenders' (WHRD) Day. Human rights defenders face frequent violence, which tends to escalate if they are LGBTQI and/or women because of the multiple discriminations that they already face. WHRDs fight to defend our human rights, but they need our solidarity and support.

In Azerbaijan, Leyla Yunus, director of the Institute for Peace and Democracy, faces abuse and neglect in her jail cell. In Egypt, Yara Sallam and Sanaa Seif were recently sentenced to three years in prison after participating in a peaceful march against anti-protest laws. In Ecuador, LGBTQI rights activist Diane Marie Rodríguez Zambrano is in hiding due to SMS death threats, social media harassment and intimidation of her colleagues. You can learn more about threats to WHRDs from Gender IT, AWID, Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition and Amnesty International.

Show these women your support

Show these women your support by contributing to our digital quilt. Create a message or snap a picture that represents hope, strength or solidarity.

Then upload your jpg, png or gif to add to the quilt. Once you've uploaded it, you can use the editing tools to make changes to your image. You can also create a square on the site.

This digital quilt speaks of our collective act of solidarity, recognition and refusal to let the voices and struggles of WHRDs be silenced. Use your voice to resist their silencing. Express your solidarity!


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