10 years of movement Take Back the Tech

Former OWPSEE (today OWP) started campaigning in South East Europe in 2008. and the countries that are included are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania.
During the „16 days of activism against gender-based violence“ OWP team's activities range from translating materials to some of the local languages, roundtables, documenting, training and/or digital storytelling.
In 2009  „Take Back The Tech!


The Foundation Cure has been active for years. They cover all segments of women’s action and their struggles in public space as well as in private life.
One of the most interesting projects is the Festival “Pitschwise”, whose primary focus is female art and activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Here are posters of Festival from different years.


The struggle run by associations and foundations that advocate for women’s rights is a struggle for all women because all women are equal. The important role in the fight for equality has Organisation Okvir.

Women's Court

Prvi ženski sud na teritoriji Evrope, održan je u Sarajevu, od 07. do 10. maja 2015. Kroz Ženski sud žene postaju subjekti pravde, podstižu stvaranje drugačije sudske prakse, vrše uticaj na insistucionalni pravni sistem
The first Woman’s court on the territory of Europe, was held in Sarajevo from 7th to 10th of May 2015
Inicijativa o ŽS pokrenuta je od strane Žarane Papić, filozofkinje i članice mirovnog pokreta iz Beograda  2000. godine u Sarajevu. Na žalost, 2002. godine Žarana Papić je umrla ... Žene u crnom iz Beograda su nakon smrti S.


#JMBG / Bebolucija (Unique Master Citizen Number, the identification number granted to citizens / Child revolution)
Spontaneous protest that block the parliament and government of BiH in Sarajevo supported throughout Bosnia Herzegovina regardless of ethnics identity via #jmbg pictures/messages sharing. 
The feudalistic-ethnic-politic of BH political parties allowed assignment of JMBG to expire in February 2013 (dispute was over updating digits designating regions after the war in the 13-digit ID number) as result children born after February were not assigned JMBG number an