• Instead of the
    usual stuff you put at the bottom of your emails,
    add something about violence against women for
    these 16 days
  • You can find handy
    information here at the UNIFEM website
    , but with some searching, you'll find a lot
  • Microsoft Outlook,
    how to change signature:

    1. Open Microsoft Outlook

    2. Go to Tools, then "Options"

    3. click on "Mail Format" tab

    4. Select "HTML", for "Compose
    in this message format"

    5. Click on "Signatures"

    6. Click on "new"

    7. Under "1. Enter a name...", write

    8. Click "edit", then type in anything
    you want!

  • Mozilla Thunderbird:

    1. Open a text file.

    2. Write in anything you want and save it as
    "TakeBack" somewhere on your computer

    3. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.

    4. Click on Local Folders, then click on the
    name of your account.

    5. Select "Attach this signature".

    6. Click "Choose", find your "TakeBack.txt"
    file and click okay, and that's it.

  • If
    you use any other kinds of email client
    like Eudora or Pegasus, let others know how
    to change the email signature in TechTalk.